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Savage Dorothy

For every single piece I make there is inspiration. For this particular hood I really [...]

Kids Vintage

This is a photo of some of my favorite retro cookbooks. I rarely cook from [...]

Vacation Inspiration

I spent Labor Day weekend celebrating my fifth anniversary, in Napa Valley, California. I knew [...]

Introducing Michelle

The Florida Scarf production team welcomes Michelle. Truth be told, Michelle has been with the [...]

Introducing Stacey

It is very interesting to see what an artist does when you take away their [...]

Introducing Cassandra Helton

Just as before, I would like to announce that Florida Scarf is no longer a [...]

what's it feel like

I’ve realized that I’m getting more and more excited about sewing scarves and a big [...]

Introducing Lauren

As mentioned earlier, there are more women sewing for the company than just me. This is the [...]

Inspiration From Paradise Lost

Every piece that I create is one of a kind. Because of this I will [...]

thoughts while sewing

I totally just thought I finished a scarf and realized my bobbin was out. When [...]

New Season New Faces

Somehow August just doesn’t feel as hot as July did. I’m thinking it’s because I [...]

Artistic Inspiration

I read this great book a while back. Actually, there were more pictures in the [...]

Sharing is the Point

Florida Scarf went camping for the holiday. Boy, was it envigorating. It’s been a while [...]

Florida Scarf Expanding: Now Two Machines

Hey kids. Does anybody know what this is? Yes, that’s right, it a Serger. I’m [...]

I Spent My Time on Buttons

I just read an article about a blogger who spent hours and hours researching his [...]

Coffee and Cherries

My new thing is recycling old wool sweaters for hoodies. It’s been really fun. They [...]

Extra Excited About Plaid

So I’ve recently started to make hoodies not just for women, but for men too. [...]

Florida Scarf Moved Again

This is an important message to all my loved ones: I have moved to Alabama. [...]


Hey Gang. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am pretty stoked already [...]

My official list of retailers for 2009 SKI BARN 2990 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville, NJ SKI [...]

Catch Florida Scarf

I’ll be at the Riverton Fall Festival October 17th from 12-4. It is hosted by [...]

Hey everybody! Florida Scarf is gearing up for another great season. For starters you can [...]

Florida Scarf says, "Good bye Florida"

Florida Scarf lives on. Unfortunately we have moved base camp from Florida to Pennsylvania. Hopefully [...]

Florida Scarf Meets Regeneration Clayworks

The product is getting turned up a notch. I am excited to announce that now [...]