I was born and raised in an unorthodox and artful environment. I find it natural that I should have a life path coursing its way through artistry and imagination. Every being on the planet is creative and has the potential to create beautiful things. There are but a few that tap into this creativity, work with it, and use it to perfect what they can do. This separates the artist.

Having an artist as a mother is the biggest contributing factor to where I am today. She groomed my creativity by giving me direction, projects, and inspiration. She originally showed me, and continues to remind me, how much I enjoy making art. Throughout my life she has set an example of exercising creativity and continually thinking outside the box. Because of her I am true to my nature.

I have a love for colorful things, fun things, things made by nature, and things made by man. I have a degree in art and art history. I have a lifestyle centered on finding reasons to make art and encouraging others to discover their own genius. Painting and sewing are my preferred methods of expression. I also blog, the modern version of journaling. I believe it’s in an artist’s nature to share most things about themselves.

I like my art to be energetic, like a holiday. I strive to poetically combine and contrast color and texture to tell my stories. And simply put, I just want you to like my art. I don’t need to teach you anything, make a statement about anything, or prove anything. I just want us to celebrate.