Travel. It’s not a vacation. Either can be done in your own backyard, around town, or across the world. But they are not the same. One is relaxing. One is not. I’m not very good at relaxing.

I love Travel. I love the adventure, learning, intensity, discomfort, rewards, and surprises of it. Travel makes me stretch and extend myself. It makes me smarter, and gives me new inspiration for my work.

I’ve stood on the top of the Aguille du Midi, and skied down. I’ve been surfing in Indonesia. I’ve tackled public transportation in Prague. I know just how salty oysters can be in Biscarrosse. I understand how much better fondue tastes than it smells. I know the difference between a pint, a Maß, and a caña. I’m not bragging. These were all just moments in time, but they are also my accomplishments. I am very proud of them, and I want my work to reflect that.

Mexico. Canada. United States. Indonesia. Costa Rica. Belize. France. Germany. Austria. Switzerland. Italy. Spain. The Netherlands. Belgium. Czech Republic. Croatia. And if the future is willing, the journey will continue.