It’s difficult to get all the people exactly what they want. It’s especially difficult to do it all on the same platform. (be prepared to be confused) So you can [...]


The kids are back in school. I now have three children on a full day school schedule! This is a true milestone for a parent. In celebration I have been [...]

Composing the Sweetest Dream

Poppies were the idea for this painting in a little girl’s room. She’s a lovely little girl, and it’s a pretty little nursery, so I knew I wasn’t going to [...]


Trash. It’s everywhere. So why not enjoy it? For the past 7 years that’s exactly what I’ve been doing… Here a lonely, wind-blown 8 of clubs, stuck under a bush, [...]

The Outback

I prefer standing to sitting. Anyone that has been anywhere with me knows that. I don’t care about chairs. Unless it’s a chairlift. I also get cold easily. And not [...]

Meet Tiger

This is Tiger. Tiger is near-and-dear to someone very near-and-dear to me. Tiger is mischievous. He never met a glass of water he didn’t tip over, tree he wouldn’t climb, [...]

Happy New Year

But that was last month. No my friend. I’m saying Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Year of the Tiger! While I have no affiliation to any culture that celebrates (any [...]

Dog Daisy… a B-Sides

The b-sides are paintings that I create with whatever paint is left on the palette from my most recent commission. The interesting aspect is that the two paintings share an [...]

The Ocean

There are two things about working on this painting that brought me a lot of joy. The first thing was painting the ocean. I love the ocean. Don’t tell my [...]


One Monday evening, back in the fall of 1998, after a supper of Gram’s spaghetti with crockpot meat sauce (the kind with the spicy Italian sausage) and Italian bread with [...]


Life is unbelievably busy. It was just spring, but it’s summer already. The last snow we had felt like it happened last week. Am I even going to get to [...]

Love at the Beach

Raise your hand if your best memories are from the Jersey Shore. Depending on how many of my old friends and family are reading this, that may be a large [...]


That’s right. I’m forty now. I like to spell out the word. It looks way cooler than 40. So far, forty feels pretty good. I like it better than 30, [...]

Far Out Man

John John has a new piece of art in his bedroom. This astronaut mosaic was handmade by Happy (his grandma) and some of our local family members. My mom is [...]

I’m All Yours

Yes. You. Have you ever wanted to ask me to create a painting especially for you? Have you ever thought you’d like to give someone else a painting (made by [...]