They say Art Imitates Life. I am a busy, high energy person. My artwork echoes this spirit. Contrast in color, texture, and materials give my compositions energy. This excitement adds action and movement to even a simple landscape.

One of my signature techniques is stencil and spray paint. This process sets a solid block of color in the landscape. I then go back and work around the stamp with a manner of traditional painting.

Like many an artist before me, the things I have seen and done serve as my greatest inspiration.

Painting for other people has proven to be the most rewarding, and challenging, aspect of my career. It’s one thing to know what I want to paint, and execute it. It is completely another thing to understand and execute what someone else desires. For me, it is these jobs that are most fulfilling.

Illustrating a children’s book has been one of the highlights of my career. The book is titled The Plant Pledge. These are a few highlights from its pages. If you are interested in more information, or in purchasing the book, please go here.