My First Military Holiday

As stated a few days ago, my holidays are over. Boy, am I relieved. As I sit and reflect on this past season I’ve become more aware of the impact being in the military had on the business. Initially I thought it was going to be a miracle to sell even one scarf out of Alabama. What actually happened is completely different.
My husband and I have a combined average age of 30. We have been in the Army exactly one year now. It’s definitely a bit old to be starting this style of life, but we’re always up for an adventure. My husband is going to fly helicopters. In order to do that one must first complete training at Ft. Rucker in Alabama. Everyone thought we were crazy. Most specifically, they thought I was crazy. “What are you going to do down there?”, everyone asked.
I’d had Florida Scarf for three years already, and had moved three times previously. I thought running the business from (practically) the middle of nowhere would be an interesting challenge. What I found was that it was no challenge at all. At best, the challenge was keeping shipping cost effective.
Being a part of any military is being a part of the most supportive community on the planet. I made more army-friends with Florida Scarf than anything else. Some of these “new friends” live near post, but many of them are supporters from around the globe. My experience this season has shown me that not only active duty members, but their spouses, and distant family as well, do what they can to be supportive.
It isn’t easy for spouses of active duty members to find jobs, or be creative, or work toward personal goals. One’s life really has to revolve around the soldier. Because of this, when a spouse can be creative and/or work out of the house the community really gets behind it. Customers that have bought my scarves have been my best marketers. I’m excited for it to continue.
I want to thank everyone for welcoming me to not only Ft. Rucker, but to the Army as well. I look forward to more of ‘Florida Scarf, Chapter 2:The Amry’. I hope the experience brings new adventures, friendships, materials, and tools.

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