Florida Skirt: A Tutorial

When you are a creative personality it can be hard to stick to one craft. I pride myself in how focused I have been lately. In order to release some holiday stress I decided to let myself branch out. Using my same materials and tools I created a new fashion accessory.
Just in time for the “tail end” of winter………………………..The mini scarf for your mid-section!
I turned this project into an 8-step venture, but you can complete it in two.

MATERIALS: You must have a sweater and scissors.
                        You may also want to have fabric for lining, pins, needle and thread, buttons, and cord.
                         It is suggested to use a sewing machine, but you can be fully content without one.

STEP 1: Get a sweater you want to cut up.
              This can be accomplished in your own closet if need be.

STEP 2: Cut off the body of the sweater.
              The bottom edge of the sweater will be the top (waist) of your skirt. If you are crafty you’ll want to save the other parts for future endeavors.
         *You can be done here if you’d like. Just pull it on over whatever pants/skirt you already have on and it’s an extra layer of warmth. You can weave a ribbon through the upper portion in order to cinch and tie it.

If not continue on,

STEP 3: Cut the length up one side.

If you want your skirt to have a lining proceed to STEP 4, if not skip to STEP 6.

STEP 4: Get a lining for your skirt and cut it in the same size as the sweater layer.
              Material to line the skirt can come from anywhere. To keep it simple I stole some fabric from an old slip. It would also be savvy to use an old t-shirt. Anything that won’t fray is ideal. ( you don’t have to hem the bottom.) For added warmth line it with sweatshirt fabric.

STEP 5: With the “Right sides” of the fabrics facing in, pin the lining to the sweater at the top, left side, and right side. Now sew around these three sides.

              After sewing, remove the pins and turn “right side” out. If your sweater is a bit thick you might have to do a few hand stitches to hold the seam in place.
STEP 6: Get some supplies to hold the skirt together.
              *If you want to be done here get some safety pins or broaches and pin the skirt around you.
If not continue on,
STEP 7: You’ll need scissors, a needle, thread, cord, and buttons. Sew the buttons on one side and loops on the other. 
              I used a row of five buttons to fasten my skirt closed. You could have as little as two. Also, I did two rows of buttons so I’d have size options. You’ll cut 5 strips of cord at 10″ long. Make a loop out of each cord with a knot at the end. Use the knot to sew the loop securely to the skirt. These loops should be placed evenly down the length of one side of the skirt. On the other side you will sew your buttons. Be sure you are placing the buttons down in correlation to where the loops will catch them from the other side.

STEP 8: Try your skirt on for size.

      (Of course you can always continue on and add anything else you’d want to adorn this piece, but I’m done)
I think I look pretty good, and you will too.

STAY WARM!…………………….. and Cool.