Monday Meetups

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Every second and last Monday of the month we have an internet social. This weeks interviewer is Mandy of

┬áHere’s how our conversation goes:

Mandy, “Are you a night owl or an early bird?”

Sarah, “I am definitely an early bird. My husband is in flight school now. He leaves the house at 4:00 am. So I leave my comfy, cozy bed at 3:45 am. Someone has to toast his bagel and pack his lunch. But I love it because it’s a killer excuse to have extra coffee.”

Mandy,”Share one thing on your bucket list.”

Sarah, “I guess I’d say that one of the more important things is to finish a series of paintings I started in 2002. I have been painting portraits of chair lifts from ski resorts I’ve been to. I have two and a half done. I want to have eight to ten. I’ve really got to get going on it.”

Mandy, “What’s your favorite thing about yourself.”

Sarah, “My ability to change.”

Thanks Mandy. That chat was short and sweet.

2 thoughts on “Monday Meetups

  1. Mandy says:

    That is a cool bucket list goal!!! (I have no such talent.)

    BTW, I think I saw an episode of SuperFetch on Animal Planet, where they trained the dog to toast a bagel and start the coffee maker when the alarm goes off…

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