I've Got Six Words

Here’s me in a nutshell.
Have you heard that story about Hemmingway? Someone challenged him to write a story only using six words. His reply was, “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”
Rumor has it many called it his best work.
Recently on Etsy I read a helpful tutorial. The author challenged Etsy Sellers to do the same for their self/business. I was really turned on by this challenge. Thinking about it and working up to it has been tough. It’s been almost two weeks since I took the challenge and I’m having difficulties figuring out what I want to say with six words.
What I am about to share with you is the list of ideas I have composed. I’m a bit embarassed about it. But I feel the need to share as a rite of passage. (so to speak) I read the list yesterday to my husband and some of them flat out made me laugh while reading them. He laughed at some too, and tried to make me nix a few immediately. Here is the list though, unedited. I don’t mind if you laugh too. (or roll your eyes at me)
Dedicated Artist That Lets People In

Creator In And Of the World
At Work Artist That Won’t Rest
Artist focused on Creating the Unique
Explorer with Art in My Heart
Inventive Artist in Love with Energy
Limitless Girl in Love with Craft
I Spend All Day With Creativity
I Take Action and Color It
I Found Myself in Art Theory
Honest Artist Living in Limitless Possibility
Humorous Tattooed Artist with Traditional Tendencies
A Clever Artist Not Against Fashion
Born to Travel Create and Share
Artist Interested in Variety of Style
Funky Girl at Peace with Individuality
Please Enjoy With or Without Sun
Romantic Traveler Attracted to Creative Outlets
Without sharing creativity I would die
Hopelessly Devoted to Creating and Sharing
Colorful Artist with an Outward Focus
Artist with Personality Still Under Construction
Visual Artist Without Flair for Words
It isn’t easy to describe yourself without feeling like your tooting your horn. I read what I’ve thought up and I’m like, “Oh man, my head is so far up my….”
I’d like to leave this open for you to develope an opinion. Leave a comment on your favorite, and least favorite. If you play this game with yourself I’d like to know too.
Send me an email and I can post the results: sarah@floridascarf.com
If you have a blog leave a link in the comments to your post.

1 thoughts on “I've Got Six Words

  1. Jennie says:

    These are my favourites:

    I Spend All Day With Creativity
    I Take Action and Color It
    Please Enjoy With or Without Sun

    And this one made me laugh, words I can relate to:
    Artist with Personality Still Under Construction

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