I Miss Eggnog

Sorry about the title. I just had to get that off my chest.

I’ve left my sewing machine for a few months. I think a vacation is always an appropriate action, in whatever form. (Of course the machine always comes back out for special orders.) So for my “vacation” I’ve been exploring other artistic endeavors. Maybe you have seen some paintings I’ve recently completed. Maybe not.

I also decided to enter a photography show at my local art center. (Dale County Council of Arts and Humanities at The Ann Rudd Art Center) I am no photographer by any means, but I love the opportunity to hang my art in public spaces. The above shot is my submission. (sort-of. I’ll have to get a shot of the complete work and post it too) This is half of the entry before it was framed.

How I came about this subject I find amusing. I was in  my studio listening to a podcast and organizing my fabric. I decided I needed more light so I went to the window to open the blinds. When I did this I saw the neighborhood cat curled up in some garden lining. The cat looked so cool, all wrapped up, napping in the sun. I thought, “what a great picture.” Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera, went outside, walked around to the spot, and switched lenses the cat got up and left. Annoying! A real photographer would have known how to handle this situation. I went inside slightly disappointed. I went throught he house, for the next while, trying to see if I could stalk the cat to its next location. No luck. But when I went into my bedroom to look out that window, the blinds were still closed. I turned on the lights and noticed an awesome shadow on the wall. It’s funny how that shadow is there the entire time the lights are on, but I’ve never noticed. I took a picture of one of the lamps.

My husband thought it was an odd entry. He and I are not on the same level artistically speaking. I loved the subject, just a lamp and its shadow. It’s like a boy and his dog, or a biker and his beard. But I love the lamps.

I also think I am starting to love this cat.

Hasta Luego!

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