I Love the Homefront Team

So, as most people know, I am on the Etsy Homefront Team. I’ve got a bit of reporting to do on that topic.

For starters, I brought the team to the Fort Rucker Spouse’s Club lunch again. And no, I didn’t literally bring the whole team. We’re online and spread across the world. I brought items to sell representing certain participating team members. Those luncheons are really fun. I recommend (to anyone in the military) to get involved in a similar organization. It may sound silly, but it is a great way to socialize, learn about your local community, get involved, and personally spread the word about what you do. Online marketing is O.K. I don’t find it nearly as effective as physically engaging people though. Let’s be honest, it is wonderful to be able to touch a product and experience it in real life. Also, you are more available to answer questions.
I am fortunate that my community loves Florida Scarf.

Katy, from the Knackatorium had a good day also.

I even sold a cute, cuddly bumble bee rattle for One Stop Crochet and some stationary from Well of Creations.

 I am thankful that these other Etsy shops shared some product with me. I like bringing to attention the fact that there are so many of us that have small craft businesses. It is my understanding that my neighbors are interested and want to be supportive, but not everyone knows where to find us online. Really, think about it. Why would you buy a candle from scentsy when you could buy one handmade buy a military spouse? That’s a no-brainer.
The luncheon was great, but it was the last one until next September. So I’m going to have to wait until then before I do any more live promoting. I’m glad though because for me, the summer is all about production. I have decided to start a new Etsy shop. In the past my scarves could be found at www.scgeraci.etsy.com. Now they are officially at www.floridascarf.etsy.com. It should make it much easier to find Florida Scarf on Etsy. Once I get my act together the scgeraci shop will be my paintings and art work. I hope I can keep up with two shops. There’s no way to know unless I try.
My last bit of news is the Homefront Team change of command. I am officially the new captain. The promotion came as a sudden surprise, but I am glad for the responsibility. I think there is a great cause behind the team. Each one of its members truely deserves to be successful. As the new captain I hope to bring us all closer to that goal.

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