Help Me Out

Not like it was ever easy, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to run a small creative business. There are more options, opinions, advice, oppportunities, traps, costs, competition….
And don’t get me wrong. As I continue to explore the possibilities of Florida Scarf (and painting) I find it all very exciting and promising.
Prior to this season you could shop Flo Sca at eight retailers, catch me at five to ten craft shows, and shop (quite minimally) online. As my life situation continues to change, the biggest impact it has is on the availability of my products. As things have turned out this year I will predominantly be found online. The retailers have been scaled down to two (for now) and I only have one craft fair scheduled. Essentially, I am putting all my “eggs” in the online retail “basket”. Because of this I started offering my items in a few different spots. I’m having trouble deciding who gets what, how much of it they get, and if they’re all neccessary. If you are a friend of Flo Sca I would love to get your personal opinion on the matter. Where would you prefer to shop Flo Sca?
                                                 In person? (sorry I can not provide a link that would beam you to me)

I really appreciate the feedback. Please give me your comment in one of three places:
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