I'm on Pinterest

I’ve been on pinterest for a couple of months now, but I’m stepping up the game.
If you aren’t familiar with pinterest let me explain. It’s a place where you can (virtually) go and create your world (who you are and who you would be if money and time were limitless) with imagery.
You set up “pin” boards of things you love. If you’re an artist, it’s like a working studio. If you not, you might picture it a lot like your bedroom in high school or college.
The great part of pinterest is that it is also a social community. You can see what other people “pin” and comment or re-pin. If you like pretty pictures it’ll be more addicting than facebook.
I encourage you to check it out. Follow me while your there. I’d love to share inspiration with you.
Click the photo to go to pinterest now.
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Have a great day!