The Day In Review

I am happy to report that this is how my Thanksgiving started, with homemade donuts and great friends. How awesome is that? No, I did not make this gem of a brunch dish, our friends the Jackson’s did. I told Sarah I was going to post this picture this morning and she laughed. I was obviously serious. In a world when it is easier to go to the store and buy them, making your own donuts seems so archaic. Dare I even suggest impossible? But when you put a lot of time and effort into something, it tastes better. These donuts were full of love and sincerity. (Sarah and Max would probably want me to stop here, so I will) Let me just say that they were the best donuts I ever had.
These apple cider donuts set the bar for the rest of the day. The food from there out got progressively more delicious, as we proceeded to have increasing amounts of fun. Look at lunch.
It is no coincidence that this looks equally as gorgeous as breakfast. Lunch was Sarah’s department as well.
Our friends came over at 10:30 for brunch and stayed until 10:00 pm. Let me do the math for you. That’s almost 12 hours, a sure sign of a good holiday. When you can’t be with your family for the holidays…love the ones you’re with. Just kidding, we don’t just love our friends by default. I am very thankful for them. I will miss them dearly when we part ways in a week. We had such a great time in fact, that they are all coming back over for leftovers. The party will continue tonight with Hand Pies! Yay! For those of you unfamiliar, the hand pie is the best idea (with the most awkward name) for leftovers. I can’t wait.
Laura documented the entire day yesterday, as you can see by the above photo. There is a good chance she will be assuming the same position tonight. Stay tuned if you love to hate, but really love, photographs of other people’s food.

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