One Last Weekend in Alabama

Today marks the final countdown for Phil and I. We have four days until we leave Ft. Rucker Alabama, head home, then get to Germany. The past two days comprised our last weekend in the South. (for now) To mark this occassion we partook in some typical activities. For instance, Saturday night we drove to the local Christmas lights show. It is a privately run affair. Some four neighbors, or so, decorate their houses and lawns and let us townspeople drive through. The entire route is a winding quarter mile I’d say. The above photo notes my favorite part of the display. What would Christmas decorating be without a nod to you favorite SEC team?
“Happy Birthday Jesus”
In Philly it would look more like…
This was my first experience with people taking their holiday decorating to an extreme. Coincidentally we went home and watched those shows on TLC about all the people, around the world, obsessed with Christmas lights. Crazy.
I guess we all have our passions.
So then on Sunday we did something very Southern. If you know Phil and I you wouldn’t even believe it. We went to church! And had a good time! (Absolutely nothing against organized religion. We just aren’t in the habit.) I wish I could say it was a Baptist church, but it was Methodist. Phil’s aunt sings with the choir. They had their cantata this weekend. It was wonderful. I’m really glad we went. I love that word “cantata.” I find myself saying it to myself now and again. I don’t know if it’s typical of Southerners or Methodists, but everyone in the church was incredibly nice. It was great to meet them all, but kind of obnoxious to say, “Oh, thanks for welcoming us, but this is actually our last Sunday here.”
After church we tried to go out to eat. because that’s what people do. At least at home that’s what people do. You go to brunch. Not here. 90% of the restaurants are closed, including the ethnic ones. We settled for Chinese food, not really a southern favorite but we don’t love the BBQ in Enterprise.
I will say that Christmas songs followed by a little General Tso’s isn’t a bad way to spend a Sunday.
So now it’s Monday and I’m packing up the rest of the house. I’ve still got a few items left to post on Etsy, of course. And there’ll probably even be a few more once we get home.
Oh, I almost forgot. I baked this weekend too. I also feel like it’s pretty Southern to eat sweets. Gingerbread cookies! Except I didn’t have a rolling pin, or cookie cutter. So, for your information, I made them like peanut butter cookies (where you roll them in a ball and press them with a fork) and it worked great.