This is not graffiti from Germany. It’s actually from Mt. Laurel, NJ. I took these photos when I went on a nature walk with my mom and brother before I left the US. I forgot all about them until now. I’m glad I remembered to share them. I think they are awesome. And thanks to my iphone I was able to capture them.
The last one isn’t the best shot, but it is my favorite subject. I think is clever to spraypaint the wish blowing in the wind. But it is on cement and it looks yucky. The contrast pleases my mind.
I find it quite amusing that a nature walk would involve cement and paint. But in New Jersey the woods are never far from suburbia.
Since I’m on the topic of graffiti I will add that there is a lot of graffiti around Germany. (see my FB profile pic) Most of it is really good. Some of it stinks, like when people just want to write their name or a curse word.
I’m not sure where I stand on graffiti. I hate that people deface someone else’s property just because they feel cheated in some way. Maybe they are mad at society and it’s made up rules. Maybe they hate their government. Maybe they are mad because it is hard to share your art when you are an artist. I get it. You want people to like your stuff. Me too. But I don’t really think it is fair to force it on traincars or walls under overpasses until you’re famous from it.
That being said, I love spraypaint. I love the hues it comes in. I love the immediacy and permanence of it. And I love how quickly you can cover a large area with it. I use it. I am a big fan of most of the graffiti art I have ever seen. So, over it, I refuse to lose sleep. So don’t be surprised, or think me hypocritical, when I post more graffiti in the future. Next time, by Germans!