The Florida Scarf Box

If you read my Germany journal you know I am proud of my new desk. It took¬†a lot of effort to get. If you don’t read my journal, shame on you, read the Ikea entry. It’s about a month old, and contains some interesting¬†insights about shopping at a European Ikea.
This desk is huge. Phil and I love it. It was intended to be a kitchen counter, but we’re open minded. As you can see, the right side of the desk is completely open. When Phil finished building it I, very excitedly, started loading up the shelves with officey-type-stuff. It immediately looked like crap. Phil was like, “You aren’t going to leave that like that, are you?” I was like, “I guess not.” I needed to come up with a cool way to organize the shelves.
Another fact about me is that I like things on the cheaper side, and I like being resourceful. Really, I think they go hand in hand. So I decided to use my garbage art technique to make some boxes to organize our important junk. I love covering cardboard with fabric. So that’s exactly what I did to make these six boxes. Phil and I think it turned out great. And all it cost was one large bottle of Modge Podge. Neat, huh? This is really a project that anyone could do. You just have to be patient with wrapping the boxes. If you don’t take your time, they could really look like crap.
Choosing the fabric was pretty fun too. In the Florida Scarf stash there is so much to choose from. Phil and I tried to choose the wackiest vintage fabrics I had, and I had to throw in a little modern tiger stripe.

So let this be an inspiration to you if you’re looking for a simple DIY project that doesn’t require much of anything. With little investment, you have the potential for a big return.
Now that this project is complete, I am really excited to share with you my current project…a painting to hang over the chairs! Yay! It’s going to eb another in my chairlift series!
It’s pretty sweet that I had enough of the fabric left from our pillows to match the box that covers the printer. It really ties the room together. Don’t you think?

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  1. Melanie says:

    wow you really did a great Job. First I thought you bought those boxes at IKEA too! It looks amazing (-:

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