Blank Canvas…and other projects

Welcome to my house! I finally found a strong, sticky hook to hang my wreath. It has been leaning on a shelf near the front door for too long.

My landlord came over this afternoon and hung some pictures for me. It’s something I’ve been needing to get accomplished for a while, but can’t do myself. The walls here are practically made of cement. Nine pictures took Hans 1.5 hours, and he isn’t done. He still has four more to go but he ran out of hooks. He’ll be back tomorrow.

Actually, it isn’t fair to say he hung pictures. I had him hang blank canvases too. He was a bit confused by this. And of course I had no idea how to explain my intentions to him in German, but I tried. I think he got the gist of it by the end because he did the work. As cool as the house looks with a bunch of white squares everywhere, I will fill each and every one with a new painting. Then I will share them with you!

Here is how it looks now. I think it will be interesting to compare before-and-after photos.

And another piece of art from my mom next to my bed. I think it looks great with the jewelry box Phil got me for my birthday.

My side of the bed is all dolled up.

Phil’s side is so empty. If you ask me; he doesn’t have enough tchotchky in his life.

And my license plate collection has found a nice home in the half bath, or wash closet…if you will.

I love it. It reminds me of a restroom you’d find in a funky beach bar in a tourist town on one of the Keys in Florida. I wish I had a buoy and some fishing net to hang with it.