A Frank Shirt and a Robot Mousepad

I hope you enjoyed my recent painting. I’ll be starting a new one next week. Here’s the photo.
I’m still loving my Tom Selleck Portrait idea. Should I work from this photo?
or maybe I should work from this sweet tattoo I found.
In other personal project news, I made a Frank shirt for my mom. Her birthday is next week. She’ll be fifty! (I can’t believe it. She is growing up too fast.) I sent her a couple of other goodies with the shirt; most of which I can not name do to shipping restrictions. (Let’s hope no one from USPS is reading this.) 
As I wrote last week, making my Frank shirt was a pain in the butt. I didn’t think this simple project could get more annoying, but it did. With my mom’s I had trouble getting the photo to stick on the shirt. 
The transfer paper is trickier than the directions imply. I think the print still looks cool, though in a grungie way. Because of my issues with the picture I made sure I kept the iron on the name part longer. Guess what happened. I burned it. So then I put a patch around it so it wasn’t so obvious. 
What do you think? Let see what my mom has to say when she gets it. I hope she doesn’t read this first.
In my last bit of handmade news; I’m really excited because my new mousepad finally arrived. 
I feel like my desk is complete.
I ordered the mousepad from Craftie Robot on Etsy. It was way cooler than the online pictures. I think this happens a lot on Etsy. The most difficult thing for us sellers is creating pictures that do our work justice. If you are someone who has never shopped on Etsy, shame on you. It has so much to offer. You won’t be disappointed. How could you be? You get handmade, quality items, they ship to APO’s, and you get to support little guys. Oh, you can also get really obscure vintage items too. If you need help shopping Etsy you can sign up for their shopping emails; it’s on the lower left side of the homepage. They are really fun to browse; and you might be surprised to learn what the website offers.