In Case You Didn’t Notice…

…this website is new.

Here I am at the ribbon cutting ceremony held today for the unveiling of my new website.
Here I am at the ribbon cutting ceremony held today for the unveiling of my new website.

Hello and Welcome.

I apologize for not letting you know sooner that a new Internet plan was in the works for me, my life, and my business. No sooner was the plan dreamt, than it was conceived. My fabulous designer-friend, Laura Ferioli works fast. And as a result I can share this exciting news with you without having to say Coming Soon.

I have always been artistic. I think my first memory of drawing a still life in my grandparents’ garage dates back to 1986. I started calling myself a painter in 2003. Florida Scarf was born in 2007. Officially I have been a blogger since March of 2009, at I really began going ga-ga for journaling my life and work in January of 2012. And here, just after the one year anniversary of being a serious blogger, I have had a site built to organize and display all of my happenings…in what I hope to be a more cohesive manner.

Laura has designed as a rope; tying together two Etsy shops, two visual galleries, and three separate journals. It is a much more stylish and functional rope than I had before. Style and function is Laura’s middle name.

You can use the menu above to shop, read, or just look. For your reading pleasure, my favorite topics have been broken down from one blog into three. You can now choose to read Florida Scarf, where I detail the goings-on of the Scarf and Hood business. You can read Creative Indulgence, and check out my latest art projects. Or, lastly, you can choose to read Globe Trotting, and continue to keep up on my adventures as a tourist. Ideally, you’ll love all three. The organization of these online journals is what I am most excited about. So please take a minute, explore, and maybe leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I welcome all comments and criticisms.

Oh, and P.S…

I’m not bragging, but I also have a favicon now.

You: What’s a favicon?

Me: I can’t believe you don’t know what a favicon is. I guess that means you didn’t get one yet.

You: Really? Who are you kidding? You didn’t know what a favicon was until about 5 hours ago.

Me: True.

You: So what’s a favicon?

Me: It’s the little anchor to the left of the URL.

You: Awesome.