Granny Squares

I started playing with some new designs for 2013. I’ve got lots of new materials and supplies; and a few old supplies that I never made full use of in the past. Sometimes it can happen that I get collection-happy. I am so busy gleaning new inspiration that the new piles on top of itself; quickly developing a deep bottom. Cool stuff is covered and prevented from seeing the light of day. How can I make a scarf with something if I’ve completely forgotten it’s there?

Sewing Granny Squares

In a baby-step toward recovery from this collection-happy disaster I have dug deep in my supply bins and pulled out my Granny Squares!

Granny Square Scarf

They are squares that were actually knitted by my grandmother over twenty years ago. Like a lot of us crafters, it’s a project that she started and never finished. While these squares may never reach their potential of becoming a blanket; they are well on their way to becoming another warm and functional product.

Florida Scarf

Polka Dot Hood Knit Squares

Vintage Knit Repurposed

Hoodie Granny Squares

Knit Square Scarf

Yay. Florida Scarf.