Everything Must Go!

Florida Scarf HoodBig News.

It is few and far between these days for Florida Scarf. Life with five month old twins doesn’t leave me much time for business. I feel like I need to put the personal agenda aside for a time. I’m hoping to be down for only six or seven more months, but the truth is I really don’t know.

I need my life to be as simple as possible right now. And there is only one way to do that. Focus. On being a mom.

Back to the Big News. It’s good news for you.

I won’t be sewing or selling any time soon. And I don’t want the inventory I have to get any older. I am hoping to find homes for all my scarves and hoods by offering them at a huge discount.

If you are interested please shop the Florida Scarf Etsy Store. Upon checkout use the coupon code FREE2016. It will give you 89% off your entire order. (A ridiculous number I know, but Etsy wouldn’t allow a number greater.) You will still be charged shipping for each item.

Buy as many pieces as you like.

Share the code with your friends.

Oh. One more thing. Feel free to go to scgeraci.etsy.com too. I’ve got greeting cards, prints, and paintings. You can make me an offer on anything you are interested in. There’s a decent chance I’ll accept.

Thanks for reading and being a supporter of my art and craft. I appreciate it.

Please stay tuned for the glorious day when I join the Land of the Happy Artist again.

Much Love.