You and Me

I was there the day you were born. I sat in the chair with you on my lap and the big smile on my face. I got to pet your tiny head. I saw your yucky belly button with the clip on it. I saw your tiny toes. That means something.

You were not there the day I was born. You had a brother since the day you were born. You love me; and for you that is incredibly normal. Think, I’ve only been a sibling for part of mine. In fact, so far I’ve spent more days solo than I have in this pair. I know what it means to be given someone with which to share my life.

It was quiet before you. I had to make all the noise by myself. I had to do all the splashing by myself. Now we get to make twice the noise. The bath tub is twice as full and the bathroom floor has never known such puddles. At dinner we laugh. At playtime we have a catch, play hide and seek, or fight over trucks. That’s all something new and different for me.

What I’m trying to say is I Love You. I love being a brother. And you can do whatever you’re going to do and it isn’t going to change the fact that we are brothers and I love you. Thanks for being here.

This painting is titled Important Things. It was created in September of 2019. It is acrylic on canvas, 30″x36″.

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