thoughts while sewing

I totally just thought I finished a scarf and realized my bobbin was out. When Sarah and I sewed together, we talked about how there should be some kind of warning before it happens. How nice would it be if you knew. We expect these things from machines because machines do everything…right? They are always trying to give us new features to make our lives easier. So we keep expecting more (and probably getting lazier and less patient while we are at at ha). I want to say I must be expecting less from life because instead of wishing for a “warning bobbin is out” noise coming from my sewing machine (how annoying would that really be), I laughed at myself and started thinking about how it connected to my life. What did it mean? What am I not seeing? Obviously this is some sort of sign and I should analyze this while I sew ha. I think I can turn anything into a sign, we all probably do in our own ways. Maybe after spending so much time with my sewing machine I really do expect too much if I think it should give me answers to life. The funny part, to me, is that I was sewing along thinking sewing scarves is like my therapy. It brings me into the moment. Sometimes I think too much, but mostly I just love creating and that makes me feel content and peaceful. It washes everything away. “This is so healing” I thought and then I realized my bobbin was out ha. Almost as if saying to me “so you want to be healed? Pay attention because I’m telling you everything you need. Just listen. You don’t get a warning, but is it so hard to just start over?” my answer would have to be nope, not so hard. There is a pretty good chance it could be better the second time around anyway. It would also take a lot less energy to do that than to wish my sewing machine would give me things it doesn’t. Like a warning that I don’t really want to hear anyway.

Just in case you don’t know what a bobbin is…this is the best way i could think to explain it. A bobbin is the spool of thread that gets hooked up with the thread in the needle every time the needle goes down. If you don’t have a bobbin with thread on it, the needle thread doesn’t have anything to go through the loop it makes and comes back up empty and you think you are sewing but nothing is hooking together…hope that makes some sense.

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  1. Sarah C. Geraci says:

    I’m going to start setting my own timer. When I see the bobbin get low I’m going to set my watch to go off every thirty seconds as a reminder. It won’t get on my nerves at all.

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