Seasons Change

Time doesn’t go by any faster in Alabama. In fact most things are done slower. It seems to me however, that the seasons change so quickly. Spring is here in full force, and has been for weeks. I’m actually contemplating putting the A/C on soon. (this thought actually purturbs me) My favorite thing in spring is blossoming foliage. I love how some new flowers and buds can make even the yuckiest area look pretty. My hideous fence can attest to that.

Seeing all these lovely roses on the bush makes me wish I had tended to it (at all) earlier. The same goes for a tomato plant I left for dead after never getting a tomato last year. Of course it’s got one now, so I’ve begun watering it again. The tree in our front yard is pretty awesome too.

As much as it may seem that I love spring right now, no season could ever take the place of winter. It is definitely my favorite season. In fact, I just finished another chair lift painting! It’s one I’ve had for a while and am just now completeing.

This is a nice big size. I think I was a bit intimidated by the size and that’s why it took so long. For anyone not familiar this Chairlift Series is one I’ve been working on building for a while. This painting (from The Canyons in Utah) is third in the series. I’ll be starting on one from Steamboat, CO next. If you are wondering what the other two look like I can post them now.

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