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Life is unbelievably busy. It was just spring, but it’s summer already. The last snow [...]

Postcards from the Fest

    Someone in Germany still loves me because I keep getting lots of fun [...]

How Many Chances Did You Have Today to Celebrate?

One of the most important things in life is taking time to show appreciation. Celebrate [...]

Spring at Florida Scarf

During spring it is possible to find 136 different kinds of weather in one 24 [...]

Great Weekend

So not only did I personally have a really fun weekend, but Florida Scarf had [...]

The Sun Clause

Those living in a ski town are quite familiar with the phrase powder clause. This [...]

I Party With Trash

At the Art Center in Ozark we’ve been busy designing in the front Window. The [...]

Seasons Change

Time doesn’t go by any faster in Alabama. In fact most things are done slower. [...]