Clay Box Buttons

Aren’t these buttons amazing? You’ll be seeing a lot of these on new scarves this season.
They are made by Nathalie of Polymer Clay Box. I found her on Etsy.
Nathalie lives on the coast of Belgium. She has been working with polymer clay for over 20 years. It really shows in her quality. She offers a great variety of colors, styles, and sizes with her buttons. Placing my custom order with her was no trouble at all. The items arrived in a timely manner too. These buttons are even cooler in person than on a computer screen. (as you might imagine)
I can’t wait to show you once I start using them. It should be soon.
The Polymer Clay box offers more than just buttons. Check it out on Etsy or at
This is her Rainforest Bead. I love the colors here too.

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