Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday! This year she’ll be practicing for next year. (I don’t want to give it away, but it’ll be a big one.) I wish her the most fun in NJ from AL.

I sen ther out a package that inslude a few goodies, two of which were handmade by me. Yay! Here’s a couple of shots I took before I sent them out.

Mom loves live music, so I put it in the rock concert slide show. Awesome.
My mom is the kind of person that gets very excited about going into the fabric store. It makes her have to pee every time. She’d probably kill me for writing that, but it makes me pee too. (there, that should make her feel better about it.) On each trip she takes to Joann’s she comes out with more fabric than planned. My mom is a potter, she barely sews anymore. So you know what she does? She sends me the fabric. I think she is kooky for doing this, but I love her anyway. I made her some Florida Scarves from the fabric she recently sent. In case it isn’t obvious in the photos, she loves corduroy.

Wanna see what else I put in to box?

Eddie Vedder’s new CD. It’s pretty rockin’ for a bunch of ukulele songs. (I opened of course to burn myself a copy first:)
No birthday is complete without some fine-ass chocolate. Vosges is our chocolate of choice.
I hope she doesn’t read this before she opens her package.
Party On…. Wayne.