Hello All. I trust everyone had a great holiday.
This post will wrap up my features of new button retailers.

I bought a batch of buttons from my friend Isabel. They are handmade (and dyed) in Ecuador.
Isabel’s Company is called Latin Art Jewelry. She specializes in Jewelry and accessories made from the tagua nut. These buttons are a Florida Scarf Exclusive, Lucky Me!
These earrings are a great example of the haindpainted designs. 
The tagua nut is actually a dried seed that comes from the tagua palm tree. You can see the process of the jewelry from tree to finished product on Isabel’s site.
There are not two pieces of jewelry exactly alike, as they all have different designs and colors. Tagua nut jewelry is super resistant and the colors are just beautiful. All the jewelry comes directly from a little town located on the coast of Ecuador. The process of collecting the tagua nuts, designing, and selling the jewelry is the main economy for Isabel’s hometown.

This is an example of how the jewelry can be purchase in gift sets.
I met Isabel here at Ft Rucker. We became great friends because I love her jewelry. I was super excited when she said her friends in Ecuador would make me buttons too. Isabel has since moved to Kennesaw, GA. Lucky you if you are in her area.

I have begun working with my tagua buttons already. In fact, I put one on the hoodie hat I made my mom for her birthday.
The butterfly in the center is tagua. cool, huh?