New Photo Fun

Certain places in the world need their existence documented. The Rudd Art Center in Ozark is one of them. This building is my favorite in all of lower Alabama. The charm is unmatched by any other place I frequent. A lot of that has to do with the people there. But it is also due in part to the many treasures that are stored in all the rooms. The art center used to be a department store. Because of this there is still a bunch of merchandise in its upper level, as well as other depertment store paraphernalia. The lower level functions as our art gallery. In previous posts I haven given you a glimpse at the lower level, but this morning we will visit the upstairs. It is a vintage wonderland. About a month ago my photo friends and I went there and took some shots. Below is the result. The editing on these shots was 99% done by Laura. She does an amazing job.

The benefits for me, with a project like this, are two fold. I get to play with my friends and create some fun art while paying homage to landmark. But I also sneak in a few items for Flo Sca. Check out some of the product photography for my Etsy Shop.

Luckily for me Laura is great at editing and Chrissy is great at creating interesting poses. I am glas that this is a practice we have done multiple times. I learn so much from both of them.

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