Flo & B, Together Forever

Thanks to Tara Fereirra, Florida Scarf now has a fabulous array of authentic vintage fabrics, buttons, and trim to work with this season.

Tara is the most successful treasure hunter I know. Recently she caught wind of a clearance at a St. Augustine landmark. B’s Yardstick was a shop full of sewing essentials in its day. Unfortunately, those days were numbered. In the late Seventies, B’s closed. The doors remained shut until they recently sold the building. Everything had to go. Tara went in there and scarffed up the best of what B’s had to offer, over 25 years later. Can you believe it? How often do things like that happen?It must have made for exciting shopping. I wish I could have been there. Obviously I wasn’t, as I live in Alabama. Luckily, Tara is thoughtful and she put together a nice package for me. Here is what I’ve made from her finds so far.

I’m pretty pumped about these new pieces. It’s interesting to me how different they all can be despite their similarities.As you’re familiar, in the past many of my buttons have been vintage finds. I’ve never had the fortune to work with fabric though. It was so motivating to turn those hip retro prints into modern fashion accessories.
Here’s a couple of shots of fabric that I haven’t used yet, but it’s on my list. Does it get any more obscure than vintage sports prints?
If you’re stoked on the style of these pieces you might want to visit Tara’s Blog or Website.

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