YIKES! Fall 2011

So I don’t know about you, but my inbox is getting flooded with fall fashion previews. I can’t believe it’s that time already! As much as I adore cool weather clothing I’m slightly bugged-out becasue I haven’t even taken my summer vacation yet. It happens to me every August. This year I’ve decided to take it in greater stride. I’ve compiled a slideshow of my favorites from the looks/trends I’ve seen thus far. Mind you, I’m no expert in this field (of fashion) as my degree lies in painting. But you may also enjoy what I have chosen.

I just have a few things to say here.
You may have picked up on some pink and some camo. These are trends I will always dig deep to find evidence in favor of.
Thanks to Dior for that amazing blue monster of a coat with pink sleeves.
Please note that crimson lips are the perfect compliment to an anorak jacket.
The color of your sunglasses must color coordinate with your entire outfit.
There is always a place in a woman’s wardrobe for mens wear and power-dressing, especially when paired with a ridiculous hat.
Sonia Rykiel really fuleded Flo Sca’s fire with that pink fur and plaid combo. Awesome.
I am thoroughly enjoying all the polka dots. How sweet.
That Gaultier chick with the matching luggage is a work of art.
Double snaps to the girl on the street who created a combo of polka dots and leopard print. Ambitious.
I would like to know if that yellow sweater from Jill Sanders has the hood attached to it. Maybe not. Further affirmation for Flo.
And lastly, how can you not adore the insanity that is those mixed prints with the retro inspiration?  

Florida Scarf marches to the beat of more than one of these trends this season. (I think so anyway 🙂
Want to see? Visit the album on the FB and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend. 

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