11th Annual Juried Exhibition in Ozark

I can’t believe that it’s been over a year now that we’ve been living in Alabama. This art competition in Ozark is the first thing I participated in when we moved here last summer. Phil and I have come a long way. More significantly, my art has come a long way. Like last year, this year I have two entries. The first is a chair lift at a ski resort and the second is a girl. I didn’t realize until recently, but I guess I like painting girls and resort vacation themes. (maybe I should start to combo the two)
I’m sure you’ve seen these works before, but here are my entries.
( I appologize for the picture being kinda-bunk. I took it with my phone.)
Those of you that have seen Eat Cake before will be delighted to see it framed and decorated.
The other painting is a portrait of a chair lift at The Canyons in Utah.
The chair lift exemplifies my love of winter sports, and also that of the use of spray paint in combination with oils. I handmade the canvas it is on. It’s a bear of a canvas. (for my standards anyway)
Eat Cake is a celebration of the quirks of feminity. It’s a page in a chapter of a book about the love/hate relationship that I (and all women) have with fashion and society. This piece is also a celebration of the art making technique of collage, and garbage art, and the marriage of found objects.
Both of these pieces, along with many others from great artists in my area will be on display at the Ann Rudd Art Center in downtown Ozark, AL until September 23, 2011. The opening reception is August 13th at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.
From the entries I have seen so far, it will be a wonderful show to come and see. I am excited for the reception. This show has wonderful prizes thanks to the Alabama State Arts Council.
Oh, before I forget…
I took some photos of my process of making a picture frame out of garbage.
If you’re interested read on, it’s a semi-tutorial.
First I get a huge cardboard box and measure out the three sides of the frame.
Then I cut the cardboard on my lines. From here I fold it to make sure my calculations were correct.
Then I cover the cardboard in the most ridiculous fabric scrap I can find. Mod Podge works perfect.
Once the glue dries on the fabric frame I glue the canvas down in the center. That’s when the fun really starts. I dig through my boxes of tchotchky to see what else I can find to glue down around the painting. Here I have chosen a couple of big fake flowers, flowers I constructed from old lace trim, some vintage buttons, and also some painted wooden buttons.
And what, may I ask, would a piece of art from me be if it didn’t have an anchor?
Allow a few mintues for everything to dry before testing on a wall.

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  1. Annastasha Larsen says:

    Love this!!! Didn’t know you’ve been to Utah! I know where the Canyons is! Anyway, great stuff. Love that frame. You are so creative. Annnnd…i love that picture with your pink toes. It’s too perfect, as you are painting something pink! hehe.

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