Just When You Think No One Cares

So I’ve got a friend who takes great pictures. Her name is Jen Jones. I met Jen when I lived in St. Augustine. We hit it off, hung out twice, and then we both moved. Since we have a lot in common we’ve stayed in touch. This time last year Jen was going to Argentina with some friends. They were going to be there to ride snowboards, run a girls-only snowboard camp, encourage recycling, and build a green house. Despite this heavy itinerary Jen brought some Florida Scarves for her friends and they took some great pictures. Cool (for me) huh?
But the point is that I wanted to share with you what these girls are involved in. They use their talents and skills to live incredible lives, inspiring girls (and boys), and bring awareness to important causes through shredding. Basically I think they prove that it is cool to care, about yourslef, your community, and your environment. There is plenty of room in this world for us all to be exactly who we want to be, and do what we want to do, without it becoming a detriment to our neighbor. Here’s the video from their project last summer. (Yea, there’s a couple of hoodie hats in some shots 🙂

As you can see by this video, all of these people have dedicated their free time to caring about our world. There are many projects for good, started by people like this everyday. If this inspires you, do some research and join a project of your own. There were a couple of websites that go up at the end of this video. They are definitely noteworthy, so here they are again:
www.protectourwinters.org (I’m nt sure if this one was listed, but it is mondo-important)

And now if you don’t mind I’d like to share the rest of Jen’s photos for Florida Scarf:

That’s Jen.
On a personal note, going back through these pictures and video is getting me real pumped for this winter 🙂 You didn’t know I was a shredder, did you?

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