Holiday Shopping….Take 1

The Fort Rucker Spouse’s Club Hollyday Mart was yesterday and I had a blast. Holiday shoppers were out in full support of the independant vendors who participated. I was fortunate enough to set up next to my good buddy, Katy, from The Knackatorium.
It was an incredibly busy day. I saw many of friends and neighbors, a few return customers from last year, and (most importantly) made some new frineds too. This was my only holiday bazaar this season (unfortunately) and it couldn’t have gone better.
I don’t normally post on Sundays, but I am just pumped about what a great day yesterday was. So let me take this second to personally thank everyone who bought a scarf, or tried a scarf on, or walked by in admiration. I appreciate all of it. I pour myself into this work, and I really¬†strive to craft a lot of different scarves, for a lot of differnet people. The amount of sales I had yesterday was a confirmation that I’m going in the right direction. ¬†
I made a couple of Army Aviation Florida Scarves…and they’re gone…I guess that was a good idea.
I met a couple of other chica’s going to Germany…Bonus.
The Fort Rucker Elementary School Band performed. They were adorable. I love when little kids are playing instruments bigger than they are.
I met the coolest older woman who was a theater performer…and clown! She actually teaches clowning….Double Bonus. I could have talked to her all day.
I think I am going to need a nap today.
If you missed the Hollyday Mart, have no fear. I’m in town until 12/12.
You can also purchase items online at

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