Interact with Florida Scarf

Who wouldn’t want to interact with that face? I mean mine, not my brother’s. Although, he is way cuter. Maybe he should be the new face of Florida Scarf.
Anyway, I’ve recently caught wind that there have been changes in the workings of the FB Fan Pages. If you are a Fan of Flo Sca on the FB, good for you. If not go here.
If you are a fan and you want the Flo Sca posts to come up in your news feed, then you must interact with me. It is no longer enough that you have just clicked the “LIKE” button. Not to mention, I want to hear from you, we all do. I want to see pictures of you wearing your scarf, or hood. I want to hear how your day was. I am not friends with all of the Flo Sca Likers on my personal page. If you chime in on the fan page I can chat with you too…BONUS!
Suggest Flo Sca to your friends if you haven’t already. What a party that would be.
Not that social? No problem. All you have to do is “LIKE” a comment/post or two.
Thanks for checking in today. I give you the “thumbs up.”
Stay Warm.

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