It’s Always Picture Time

Whiskey Plaid Fleece Hood $40 on Etsy.
It seems as quickly as I can make my scarves, I’m quickly behind the camera again. It’s exhausting. (And quite frankly, it’s making me more self concious) Gone are the days when my sister, sisters-in-laws, and friends would let me take their pictures. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’ve been taking my own picture constantly as of late. Not for nothin’, but Phil isn’t even behind the camera. I’m doin’ these bad boys with the self timer. (remind me to ask Santa for a remote)
In an attempt to break the monotony of the same old poses, I decided to try shooting my own mock dance party. I know, it sounds pretty dorky, but I think the pictures are actually entertaining. Whether, or not, they help sell the product will remain to be seen. In doing this yesterday I was reminded of a time long ago when there was another Flo Sca Photo Dance Party. Remember this Michelle?
Ahhhh…St Augustine, 2008. You were such a baby back then.

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