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As I understand it, snow geese are seen in large numbers or not at all. [...]

Adventures of the Eating Kind

On babies I am not an expert. On twins I am certainly no expert. On nutrition I [...]


We all know someone that loves art. Like, lllooovvveeesss art. They love music. They go [...]

What’s a Pagoda Got to Do With It?

The town that I live in is located next to Reading, Pennsylvania. Reading is a [...]

Celebrating the Season at Longwood Gardens

There isn’t much time left to indulge in the sights and sounds of the Christmas [...]

How I Holiday

Oh Blogging. How I’ve missed you. Thank you (my readers) very much for allowing me [...]

Walking in Wyo

The moment the babies and I came home from the hospital I started taking a [...]

It’s Hip to be Beer

Beer. Why does everyone talk about beer so much these days? Why does everyone feel [...]

El Corazon de El Paso

It was a warm sunny day in April. We were still living in El Paso. [...]

Updates and Postcards

Has anyone ever moved across the country, by car, with babies? Has anyone ever had [...]

And Then They Turned One

My babes are one year old. They have achieved 365 days on planet Earth; and [...]

The Hereafter

  This is the last book I’ve read. I was able to slip it in [...]

Van Patten’s Mountain Camp

As of May 2014, the Organ Mountains of New Mexico are officially a National Monument. [...]


I am a painter, so I have a lot of paintings hanging in my house. [...]

Ugly Homemade Toys for Your Babies

Despite being a busy mom of twins I somehow find an impressive amount of time [...]

Silver City

Any holiday is a great excuse to get together with family. But when you don’t [...]

Art from an iPad

At the beginning of last month I wrote a post about how I was getting [...]

White Sands

We took our first day trip as a family. Of course we’ve been on excursions [...]


The sleeping of my babes grows more erratic with each day. And I grow ever [...]


Being a mother is exhausting. I apologize for opening this article with such a tired [...]


It was a beautiful, crisp sunny day, about 60 degrees. The babies had just taken [...]

Interesting Trash

This is the first piece of trash I have ever photographed. That was eight weeks [...]

Babies and Museums

We took some outings with the babes this week. Actually, miniature attempts to join the [...]

Franklin Mountains

Before living in El Paso I never had a state park in my backyard before; [...]