First Shipment Out of Germany

Congratulations to Ms. Jane “First Order Shipping From Germany” Doe. (I didn’t get the customer’s permission to use her name) I’m really excited for my first sale since the big move across the pond. I kinda thought it would never happen. I don’t normally do an individual post about a single sale, but this one is special.
Going to the Post Office tomorrow is going to be another first for me. I hope it goes well. I’m fearing an impatient clerk at the counter who is perterbed by my horrible German skills and ignorance to the working of the German postal system. Although, I am doing my self a disservice by fretting already. So I’ll stop. Luckily I am having lunch with a group of Germans and Americans from Post. Hopefully one of them can give me a run-down on how it works. Then I will be able to enter that new environment (where their color is yellow instead of blue) armed with knoweledge! I can’t wait for the whole thing to work itself out perfectly.
Afterwards I may celebrate my browsing a local furniture store. It’s an odd celebration, I know. But it is very neccessary. My sewing table is currently substituting as a computer desk. And since they are both of equal importance I can’t have one. I need two. Go, Go Gadget Amex! 

2 thoughts on “First Shipment Out of Germany

  1. Roddy Jones says:

    Love the scarf in the picture. Reading this about shipping out of Germany is only making me think about my upcoming adventure shipping from Japan in the next few months. Hope it well for you.

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