How Bazaar

Those Cheesie Word-Plays Never Get Old
and now that I have your attention…
I am excited to announce Florida Scarf’s first Craft Bazaar in Europe!
I must admit that I’m on pins-and-needles to see how it goes. One might think it is a bit silly to sell scarves at the beginning of Spring. But I am mainly using this as an opportunity to meet my new community. Also, as anyone who’s familiar knows, my scarves and hoods come in a variety of weights. Although it is so cold here now, it’ll be July before we thaw out.
I invite everyone in my area to come and meet me. I invite everyone not in my area to wish me luck.
As usual I will be at the bazaar with scarves and hoods in a variety of colors and styles. They are still One Of A Kind. The pieces will be sold in a price range of $10-$55. There’s something for everyone, including kids.
I think this is also an opportunity to give myself a headstart for next fall and winter. I’m offering a promotion for the bazaar in light of this. 
Purchases Made Between 2/13/2012 and 3/11/2012 Will Be Accompanied By A 20% Off Coupon.
Customers can take advantage of this online and in-person.
The coupon may only be used on a future purchase.
It will never expire.
Are you gonna lose your coupon? No Prob. I keep a record of that stuff.
Now that we’re all excited pass the buzz on this!
Tell your friends. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.
Now that Florida Scarf is all unpacked and ready-to-go I will also begin taking special orders again.
Get in touch with me if you have any questions or requests.

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  1. Robin Norgren says:

    what a great idea! I am so excited to hear about how the bazaar went. I gave one of the scarves that I bought from you to my girl’s kdgtn teacher and she CAN’T STOP talking about it!

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