Etsy Sale

There is a website that has been around for a long while. It’s called Etsy On Sale. It’s a great place to look for deals on Etsy. Come this September I will be joining the site. For shoppers Etsy On Sale is the best way to save a buck. For sellers it is an easy way to list lots of items for sale, and get a bit of extra exposure.
There are a bunch of scarves in my shop from last season that didn’t sell. To distinguish them from the new models I am discounting them. As of 9/7/2012, everything from last season will be $10.00 off.
If you want to get something before then just contact me through the Etsy Shop. I’m more than happy to offer the discount early. I will not be able to ship the item until 9/7/2012, however.
Thanks. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.