During Last Days in Germany…

Fret not. I don’t mean my actual last days. I just mean the last few days before I take a long trip.
If you read the journal you know I am leaving Deutschland for six weeks. I’ll be back in September.
It is my plan to have an adventure, or two, to share here. If I’m lucky, I may even have some cool art news or exotic shopping trip.
Back to the point. Things have been shaping-up quite nicely for my painting, as well as my sewing. I was fortunate enough to score one last painting job before I skipped town. It was commissioned for a gift, one that will not be gifted until October. Because of this I will have to keeps its composition a secret. I’m sure you understand. What I can share with you are a couple of new (half-finished) works.

Do you love this as much as I do?
When I complete a painting I usually have a lot of paint left over on my tray. I hate throwing it away. Instead of giving up on it; I use it to paint tiny canvases. I just loved this deep forest turquoise, and I had a ton of it, so I put it to use. Initially I had intended on filling these bubbles with images. I was thinking maybe flowers, or sloshing water, or butterflies. But the more I look at this triptych; the more I want it to stay the same. We’ll see how I feel about it when I get home.
I was enjoy this last minute painting of bubbles so much that I continued on; with more colors.

(The one on the lower left will definitely have a pirate ship coming out of it.)
These delicious Art Snacks will be completed and up for sale on the Etsy Shop by the end of September.  

In Florida Scarf news; I was contacted by a local handmade fair to participate in this year’s show. I was really flattered. They contacted me through Etsy, so I’m sure that’s how they found me. I can’t participate because I won’t be here; but I’m pretty sure my German isn’t good enough yet anyway. It does, however, fuel me to learn the language so I can participate next year. If you are in Ansbach I suggest you check it out; and I suggest you let me know how it is.

My last bit is one about a potential new retailer. It was a pipe dream of mine to maybe sell my scarves in shops in Germany. The thought of accomplishing this goal brought on lots of anxiety about speaking German well enough to pitch myself to stores; not to mention the logistics (and legalities) that go along with retail in a foreign country.
A store called re:gal, in Aachen, Germany just found me on Etsy too. They really like Florida Scarf and think it would be a good fit for their store. I figure this is half the battle. Of course, I won’t be able to meet with them until the middle of September. But if all goes well there is (absolutely) no reason why I can’t figure out the rest of the details….
…..and start slinging’ more scarves in Deutschland!
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.