Before I went to Bali

Before I went to Bali, Los Angeles, Illinois, and Philadelphia, and after a brief stay in New Jersey, I went to Vermont. You may have read a tiny post about it, but I’ve got some more to share from that excursion. My mother and I made a seven hour drive exciting by turning it into a scavenger hunt. It is such a delicious treat when you are driving in the middle of nowhere and Big Art pops up and presents itself. It happened more often than I could have hoped on our drive to Stowe. When we discovered those new treasures I just wanted to thank the person that put it there…so bad. Alas, that is impossible. So instead I took pictures of it and I am sharing it with you. Some day in the future, when my husband and I grow up, we’ll buy land. And I hope he lets me, and helps me, make Big Art to share with folks like this.

Another thing that I really love is live music. And I’m sorry, I don’t mean live music like festivals where you exhaust yourself by trying to see eighty bands in three days because you spent two hundred dollars on a ticket. I mean live music like when you go to a cool bar, drink an awesome beer, and listen to some dudes jam and play music because they like the sound, and they love to entertain. I mean live music at an audible decibel, people being creative with old songs you love and throwing in a couple of originals, and musicians bringing their friends on stage to sing a few lines or rip a guitar. To me, this is like Big Art on someone’s lawn. It’s Art for Art’s sake. We got a bit of that in Vermont too. It was, so, so nice. One day in particular we drove to a small little village (big enough for a college) called Johnson. They have a free concert in their park every Tuesday evening in the Summer, B.Y.O.B. (Now that’s what I’m talking about) There was a sweet band complete with a guy playing the stand-up base. The whole community was out. Vendors were selling shaved ice, Indian food, pizza, and fruit and jam. Little kids were running around. College-kid-Vermont-hippies were running around. And I was spending some quality time with my mother and sister. This little outdoor soiree was only the hors d’oeuvre to an evening of music at the bar (pizza restaurant) down the street. My sister’s friend’s band played, Tall Grass Get Down. Don’t you just love that name? I do. They were great. With their music, they did a perfect job of summarizing our vacation in Vermont.