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One Monday evening, back in the fall of 1998, after a supper of Gram’s spaghetti [...]

US Army Combat Spouse’s Day

September 26th, 2014, was the USAG Ansach Combat Spouses Day. The Spouse Day is a [...]

Painting a Mosaic

This is pretty cool. You remember the community painting project I hosted in the Fall [...]

Great Weekend

So not only did I personally have a really fun weekend, but Florida Scarf had [...]

Turn, Turn, Turn

  You may have heard me say this before, but in many ways the Army [...]


My neighbors never cease to amaze me. They are great. My landlord, Hans, has been [...]

Before I went to Bali

Before I went to Bali, Los Angeles, Illinois, and Philadelphia, and after a brief stay [...]

So the dress (I’ve talked about a couple of times before) made the news. Sarah [...]

I Party With Trash

At the Art Center in Ozark we’ve been busy designing in the front Window. The [...]