Winter & Christmas Markets….

I wish I could’ve taken a video of my backyard this afternoon and shared it. It’s definitely Winter, but I find it alive and beautiful. I could stare out the window for hours, just watching.
Why has Winter always been associated with death and solitude? My backyard has an energy I can see and feel. It is a brilliant, bright white. Big red juicy berries grow on a snow capped tree. There is green, hunter green, navy, brown, and white; and that is just the trees. The birds add a completely new level of colorful wonder. They bounce from tree to tree (along with the squirrels) singing, and making merry. This is due, in huge thanks, to Ludwig for feeding them. Every single morning he goes out and makes sure all of our bird houses have seeds in them. Our yard continues to be a delight for us all. I took some photos. They never do it justice. While photographing I make sure I am absorbing my experience with my soul as well as my eyes. The snowflakes are falling fierce. They are big and plump like the berries on the tree. I hope they fall forever. 
Back inside, the classical music on the German radio station is a good accompaniment to Winter’s activity. On days like today I love sewing in my studio. I work, and listen, and dream out the window; all at the same time. Currently I have some (really fun) special order projects going. It’s all coming together to keep me in the spirit of the holiday. 
Holiday spirit however, is not hard to come by in Germany. And I must admit that even the hardest working Christmas Elf needs a day off at the Christmas Market…

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