Germans and Guitars

Hendricks Bench Thomann
An extremely beautifully crafted, well themed, bench at Thomann

I think a lot of people think guitars and think America. I did. Until now.

I had the pleasure today of a beautiful drive through the Autumnal German countryside, over the lush hills and through the golden woods, to the European music mecca. It’s a store (museum, warehouse, superstore) called Thomann. It’s the largest music shop in Europe. They specialize in guitars, but they have any instrument I have ever heard of…and more. When you enter the building, and wander its many specialty departments, you can not help but be inspired. The sight of 30 pristine violins in a row is enough to make anyone want to play. After visiting the piano room, gong room, custom room, headphone room, and bookstore we hit our final destination…the guitar room. It was unbelievable.

Acoustic Guitars
“Music is a memory bank for finding one’s way about the world.”
…so says the rat bagger.

One of the coolest parts of the guitar showroom are all the people filling it. I can’t really explain it, but to say that I just got a cool vibe from the people I was surrounded by.

Special Guitar Room
Guitar store? More like…Guitar museum.

I love specialty shops. I feel like every time I purchase something from a specialty shop, (whether it is artisanal mustard, urban honey, skis, or a paintbrush) I feel as though I have purchased quality.  Today was certainly no exception. I didn’t buy a guitar, but I was terribly inspired to. I loved being in a place that celebrates a passionate hobby…dare I say lifestyle. It’s similar to being in an enormous art store; except when it’s not my hobby I can be more like a fly on a wall. I am not calculating my purchase; I’m simply admiring.

The clerk that showed us around was more like a tour guide. Of course he’s in a band. It’s called Robbin Six Gun. He played some sweet guitars for us, showed us some even sweeter guitars, and learned us a thing-or-two about sweet guitar history. Namely, that Germans played a large role in guitars. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ve heard of a couple of little companies called Martin & Co or Gretsch.

Brian Setzer Guitar
The Brian Setzter Custom Gretsch…€16.000,00
I’ll take two.