Viva Italia!!

Italian Hood
Kid’s Italian Hoodie Hat
A Florida Scarf first.

I don’t always feel comfortable bragging about how Italian I can be but…

My last name is Geraci. (now that I am married)

I have olive skin.

I grew up with spaghetti dinners every Monday night.

I know a good slice of pizza, hoagie, or cheesesteak when I see one.

I have lived at the Jersey Shore.

I know how to pronounce the word capicola.

I never miss a trip to the hair salon.

I serve Sambuca in a snifter with three coffee beans.

I know a Mikey, and a Frankie, and a Tony, and a Joey.

I can open, and empty, a bottle of red wine by myself with no problem.

I keep my sewing supplies in an old cookie tin.

When I was little I definitely had a crush on Scott Baio.

I know the difference between gravy and sauce

And even though she was Irish, I was taller than my grandma by the time I was 7, God rest her soul.

That being said I did a little special order for my brethren…

Italian Hat
Italian Hood in Reverse

I know. It kinda makes you wish you were Italian too.