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For Old Times Sake

It’s been almost three months since we left Germany. And while there are many things [...]

Back in the Other Saddle

My sewing business has spent these deep months of winter in hibernation. I’m sure you [...]

The Man Scarf

My business mainly focuses on scarves, and hoodie hats, for women. I create my products [...]

Hot Air Balloon Scarf

A couple of weeks back I mentioned scoring a couple of exciting summer sales. I [...]

Viva Italia!!

I don’t always feel comfortable bragging about how Italian I can be but… My last [...]

New Ideas for a New Year

No Artist Can Resist an Empty Workspace This is an idea that speaks, not just [...]

Creative Indulgence

Lately I have been spoiling myself by indulging a creative rampage. In the past couple [...]

First Sale In Euros!!!

Good News! I have begun sewing in Germany! It felt great to get my machine [...]

So Special

This is a scarf I just recently made for a friend. I thought it was [...]

Nora Is Still B.A.

If there is one thing Florida Scarf is NOT known for, it’s a “legacy of [...]