Spring at Florida Scarf

Yellow Hoodie Hat Florida Scaf

During spring it is possible to find 136 different kinds of weather in one 24 hour time period. I didn’t say that. Mark Twain did; but based on this notion I’d guess he spent a spring or two in Germany.

The up-side to all of our recent thunder, wind, rain, hail, and below-normal temperatures is that the sun eventually comes out; and when it does it presents my beautiful backyard in all of its glory.

It’s a perfect time for me to be photographing and documenting my latest accessories for the coming scarf season. (not that, in Germany, scarf season ever ends)

Black Polka Dot HoodI also feel equally as fortunate that my good friend Sarah loans me her fabulous head and neck for the occasion. Don’t you just love how vibrant both she, and her surroundings appear?

All of the hoods we’ve photographed are now available on Etsy.

They’re already on Etsy?… you ask.

Yes. If I don’t start now. I’ll never be done in time for prime time. Hundreds of scarves definitely do not post themselves to Etsy overnight.

IMG_0936And the cycle continues.

I have cut out another bunch and sewn them together.

They will soon be receiving their buttons and accents.

Then they will go behind the camera.

Then Etsy.

It’s a cycle predictable as the seasons.