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Scarves in Summer

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I sold a scarf this weekend!

Not in person, but online at my Etsy Shop. What a nice surprise. It’s actually my second sale this month. I get a kick out of selling scarves in the summer. For me, one of the perks of running my own business is its endless ability to surpise, delight, and excite me.

Even though I predominantly sell scarves in the fall and winter, I’ve developed a habit of working consistently at Florida Scarf throughout the year. I’m always in a stage of cutting, sewing, finishing, photographing, or listing no matter what month it is. It is now, the middle of the summer, that I am so accustomed to nothing but those steps of my process that I forget my favorite part of the process…the sales! And once again I am caught off-guard by the joy of connecting with a customer. I’ve got an application on my phone to alert me of each new sale on Etsy. It makes the sound of a cash register. It makes me laugh every time, and in my head I do the touch-down dance.

Another bonus of the summer sales is the trip to the post office. It isn’t far from my house, so I often ride my bike. When I take this trip in the fall it is usually cold and rainy…not my favorite. It’s impossible to take the trip on my bike in winter. But in the summer it’s fabulous; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the gardens are in full bloom.

In addition to the normal chores of my craft business, I’ve been reading for new tips and inspirations. In the free section of the library I found a book titled The Martha Rules. Yup, it’s a Martha Stewart. And you know what? I really like it. I think prior to the book I thought Martha was a bit square for me. Boy, was I wrong. She’s great. Just like the surprise of a scarf sale in summer; reading a random book can provide me with inspirations, new heros, and great resources.

Nautical Anchor Scarf

One of Martha’s ideals that really resonated with me was her intent to raise the notion of homemaking to an art rather than a chore, and her joy and enthusiasm for work. This is something I can truly identify with. I pride myself in the notion that I only do things that I want to do, not have to do. That being said, I do the things I feel as though I have to do and I find the joy in them. I belive it is what makes life worth living. I also believe it is where the quality in life comes from. Without quality life becomes a lot more dull and disposable. I want a life full of treasures, so I’ve created a profession I can be proud of, I pack my husband’s lunch like it’s going to be the best part of his day, my house is a space I find great joy to be in and welcome others into; and when I’m not working, cooking, or cleaning I try to devote my free time to activities that are also personally enhancing like exercising, traveling, studying a different language, and studying the art of others.

Maybe, right now, I sound like a dish-running-away-with-the-spoon, but this post is an attempt to share my recent musings, accomplishments, and the wealth of inspiration I have recently been harvesting. I think my passion for life is evident to those with which I am closest, but I also hope it is obvious to my customers (and potential customers) in my products.